The first trailer for The Boys spin-off Gen V is here

The Boys is one of those shows that shouldn't be as popular as it is. Despite superhero adaptations seemingly having the Midas touch, The Boys' success is still surprising due to the quality of the source material. The Boys comic isn't necessarily bad, but it's safe to say that the creative license that the show employs has substantially aided the series' transition to the screen. As the show has grown in popularity, it's become abundantly clear that Amazon wants to expand The Boys beyond the main series. 

Earlier this year, Prime Video announced they green-lit a spin-off to The Boys titled Gen V. The initial reports about the show mentioned that Gen V would focus on college-aged characters with superpowers in The Boys universe. Although the premise seemed a little weak at first glance, the trailer for Gen V makes the show feel like a welcome addition to the evolving universe of The Boys.