This Kenan & Kel reunion from SNL is brilliant

In the 90s, Kenan & Kel ruled children's television. Kenan and Kel's unmatched comedic talent in the sketches of Nickelodeon's All That, a kid's version of Saturday Night Live, propelled the duo into a spin-off sitcom and feature-length film. For millions of Millenials, Kenan & Kel were the 90s equivalent of the Smothers Brothers and the Odd Couple combined. Although the duo went their separate ways in adulthood, neither suffered the all too common self-immolation that other child stars- including their contemporary Amanda Bynes-often endure.

Last weekend's Saturday Night Live-hosted by Keke Palmer, yet another successful child star- featured a brief yet hilarious Kenan & Kel reunion. You can check out the hilarious sketch that focuses on a gritty reboot of the beloved 90s sitcom in the video linked above.