The next time you are bored in a public place, play the "T-shirt game"

I subscribe to a lot of newsletters, and Rob Walker's The Art of Noticing is one of my very favorites. In a recent issue, Rob described how he passes time when he's waiting at the airport:

When all else fails, frame whatever is going on in a way that makes it fun. For example, killing time at the New Orleans airport recently, I treated myself to a round of the always-enjoyable game: Would I wear that T-shirt? Suddenly the world around me becomes a source of entertainment, and a living museum of human behavior.

  • T that says "My other beer is bourbon." Um, no. Who even came up with that?
  • T that just says Adidas. I don't understand why people wear things that are merely ads for brands. Unless they got the shirt for free, then okay maybe? But I wouldn't.
  • Plain black T. Of course, yes. I have a couple.
  • Wu-Tang Clan T. I guess — although I would probably feel really self-conscious wearing it, like I was trying to look hip. (The person wearing this T seemed pretty hip. Like someone who would not use the word "hip.")
  • A T that says "Plaquemines," rendered in the style of a sports team logo. This was actually a really cool T, and if I lived in or even had a legit connection to Plaquemines Parish (a mostly rural coastal parish downriver from New Orleans) I would absolutely buy and wear this.
  • Snoopy T. I have no problem with this, but I doubt I'd wear it.
  • T that just says "Hubby." Absolutely not.

Etc. I enjoy this game because it dials me into the world and gets me to notice stuff I'd normally miss — and something always surprises me. And yes, it can be a little judge-y, but it's harmless!

If you want to play at home, visit goodshirts on Instagram!