Ice-cold DeSantis shows zero support for wife's speech

Governor DeSantis's wife took the stage to deliver a speech, presumably on a topic close to her heart — their three-year-old child. Admittedly, it was dull and she should fire her speechwriter. But hubby Ron should have at least pretended to care about what she was saying. Instead, the mean-spirited Presidential candidate failed to exhibit even a hint of interest.

Rather than lending a supportive presence at the side of his wife, DeSantis looked as if he'd rather be anywhere else. Standing on the extreme side of the stage, his body language revealed boredom, annoyance, and a general disconnection from the words being spoken. As he fidgeted, not seeming to know what to do with his hands, you could almost hear him thinking, "Get me the hell out of here."

Nevertheless, one can only wonder if the seeming boredom on his part is simply an indication of a man who lives for power and spectacle, someone who thrives on the adrenaline rush of cruel political stunts. Or perhaps he's just a man trapped in a situation of his own making.