This website lets you simulate the effects of crater impacts anywhere on Earth

Play a vengeful god (or an indifferent universe, take your pick) and send an asteroid to any spot on the planet you'd like. I targeted my hometown of Boulder, Colorado to receive a 300-foot iron meteorite.

Here's what happened:

  • 3.8 mile-wide crater
  • An estimated 33,420 people would be vaporized in the crater
  • The crater is 1,657 ft deep
  • Your asteroid impacted the ground at 37,304 mph
  • The impact is equivalent to 2 Gigatons of TNT
  • More energy was released than a hurricane releases in a day
  • An impact this size happens on average every 48,000 years
  • 5.3 mile-wide fireball
  • An estimated 479,300 people would die from the fireball
  • An estimated 765,168 people would receive 2nd-degree burns
  • Clothes would catch on fire within 20 miles of the impact
  • Trees would catch on fire within 43 miles of the impact
  • 240 decibel shock wave
  • An estimated 58,565 people would die from the shock wave
  • Anyone within 16 miles would likely receive lung damage
  • Anyone within 21 miles would likely have ruptured eardrums
  • Buildings within 36 miles would collapse
  • Homes within 48 miles would collapse
  • 8,045 mph peak wind speed
  • An estimated 536,116 people would die from the wind blast
  • Wind within 11 miles would be faster than storms on Jupiter
  • Homes within 18 miles would be completely leveled
  • Within 31 miles, it would feel like being inside an EF5 tornado
  • Nearly all trees within 52 miles would be knocked down
  • 6.7 magnitude earthquake
  • An estimated 910 people would die from the earthquake.
  • The earthquake would be felt 89 miles away

Try it on your hometown.