The greatest classic Doctor Who cliffhanger that never was

For as brilliant as the modern era of Doctor Who is, the reboot series is not without its faults. The limited budget of the classic series forced writers like Robert Holmes and Christopher Bidmead to craft rich and engrossing webs of narrative to compensate for the show's shoddy special effects, whereas modern Doctor Who will frequently lean on special effects to compensate for weaker plots. The older series' serial format allowed writers to build investment across several episodes, so when a giant rat appears during a serial's climax, the viewer is too enthralled by the narrative stakes to be dismayed by the crappy VFX. 

However, when one views the cliffhangers from the classic era of Doctor Who in a vacuum, they can often appear like the highlights of a psychedelic fever dream. In the video linked above, you can check out a hilarious meme that merges Dutch Big Bird with the classic Doctor Who outro from the Peter Davison era that replicates an old-school cliffhanger.