Increase your productivity with this portable second monitor

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We've all been down that rabbit hole before. We're working away on something, and an email arrives. Not ones to ignore messages, we immediately open up a new tab to read it. Now we have to follow up on something we did earlier, which means delving into our files to find our original work. We then happen upon our photos from our last vacation so we take a moment's reprieve to take a walk down memory lane. Before we know it we have tabs and windows and programs galore open, all squished on our screens to the point that we can't seem to separate one from the other. Perhaps it's time to get a second monitor.

We like to think that we're being productive, multi-tasking if you will. What we are, in fact, doing is "task-switching," and this reportedly takes precious mental effort, meaning you're likely to make an increased number of errors and get less done. It seems that it is also not good for our brains.

According to a study by Jon Peddie Research, working with multiple monitors can increase our productivity by 42%.  Having a second monitor allows us to focus more and work with fewer interruptions as we spend less time switching from one tab or window to another. It can also simplify tasks that don't work well on a split screen. Imagine video conferencing with your colleagues where you have to share information—one screen can be for your call, while the other can display the documentation. Having dual screens also allows you to compare files easily. If you happen to be working on a laptop, a second monitor could give you the luxury of a larger workspace. And if you're a gamer, you're really going to appreciate the full visual immersion you will experience with an additional screen.

Desklab is a versatile, ultra-portable 4K screen that can transform your device into a fully functional touch panel. Portable and lightweight, it features universal compatibility, allowing you to connect any laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet, or gaming console. Easy to set up, simply plug and play and you can immediately start enjoying the benefits that an extra screen offers.

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