Senator Sinema is, indeed, selling her used gear on Facebook Marketplace

Thanks to the good folks at Arizona Mirror, we now know definitively that the Kyrsten Simena who is selling items on Facebook Marketplace is, in fact, the real Senator Sinema. AZ Mirror reporter Jim Small explains:

…I've been Facebook friends with Sinema on her personal account [and] as a result, I can see that the Kyrsten Sinema selling a $3,500 road bike frame is the same one I've been Facebook friends with for some 15 or so years, and the one with whom I share 143 friends — almost all of whom are from the world of Arizona politics and government.

Likewise, Sinema's personal account is the one that posted every piece of clothing and equipment Cauterucci linked to in her story. In all, she's listed 84 items on Facebook Marketplace.

Thanks, Jim Small, for clearing that up!