Arizona Senate race gets strange as an enormous cowboy hat enters the fray

An enormous cowboy hat just tossed itself into the Senate election ring. If you look closely, you can see a man inside the hat, who speaks on its behalf.

The hat intends to run for Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema's seat, who won as a Democrat but declared herself as an independent after siding with the MAGA party on multiple issues. Sinema has not confirmed if she plans to run for re-election.

The cowboy hat's campaign promises include "standing up to the woke left" and "securing our border and supporting our law enforcement."

The hat potentially faces tough competition from Arizona's self-appointed Governor Kari Lake, a popular former drag king who has expressed interest in running for the seat.

The man inside the hat is Mark Lamb. He is a former sheriff, a Covid skeptic, a proponent of the Big Lie, and an ultra-MAGA supporter. Interestingly, his favorite animal is the hermit crab.

[via NYT]