Paul Dano answers burning questions aplenty on Hot Ones

In Hollywood, there are a handful of actors that never get the credit they deserve. Despite being as capable as their contemporaries, certain actors never reach that alluring stratum of fame that people call the A-list. Moreover, some actors exceed their peers in ability and still never reach that vaunted level of renown. Ben Foster is a primary example of this concept. No matter how many powerhouse performances he strings together, Foster never seems to crack the A-list. 

For a while, Paul Dano appeared to be in a similar position. To cinephiles, Dano was always a top-tier talent, but it felt like the general public hadn't clued into his brilliance. However, after his performance as the Riddler, Dano seems poised to finally get his time in the limelight. In the video linked above, Dano sits down with Hot Ones and answers some interesting questions while downing hot wings, as you do.