'Elton Johnukah' is a Jewish homage to Elton John and all things Hanukkah

Last year Jewish a cappella group Six13 killed it with Bohemian Chanukah, a seasonal adaptation of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." This year these six singing men put a (dreidel) spin on Elton John's catalog with "Elton Johnukah." It's a latke fun!

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, hello #Chanukah! Our last homage to a Piano Man went so well, we thought we'd celebrate one of our most joyous holidays with a tribute to another timeless entertainer, the great Sir @EltonJohn himself. #ChagSameach! You don't have to be a #LatkeMan to join in — just grab your Tiny Dreidel, put the Candles in the Window, and declare to the world along with us: We're Still Standing!

Thanks, Claudia!