Honest Trailers puts Black Adam through its paces in a hilarious video

One of the major talking points surrounding James Cameron's Avatar: The Way of Water is the 13-year gap between the movie and its predecessor. Many fans and critics alike have speculated if Avatar's long layoff will hinder the film's $2 billion aims, as The Way of Water has to become one of the most successful movies of all time to become profitable. And while 13 years isn't a short development window, it pales in comparison to the Rock's 15-year wait to play Black Adam. 

Even before the modern wave of superhero films starting with 2008's Iron Man and The Dark Knight, Dwayne Johnson had been circling the cape and tights waters like a shark. Unfortunately, even with a 15-year development cycle, Black Adam was critically panned and became a commercial failure. In the video linked above, Honest Trailers puts the Rock's passion project in their sights and fires off some hilarious gags.