"Nepo Baby" calls out nepotism in Hollywood, with mixed reactions

There's been a mixed reaction on social media this week in response to New York Magazine's "Nepo Baby" cover. The cover features the cut-out faces of celebrities with famous parents, stuck crudely onto babies' bodies. It also boasts the hilarious headline "She Has Her Mother's Eyes. And Agent". 

The article by Nate Jones, a senior writer at Vulture, focuses on stars with notable parents–including Dakota Johnson, Jack Quaid, Zoë Kravitz, Maya Hawke, and Lily Rose-Depp, among others—and raises questions about whether they deserve their celebrity status.

Some on Twitter have argued that the shoe doesn't fit for everyone, with Fangoria's co-owner, Tara Ansley tweeting "Jack Quaid is…a gem of a human…There is not an ounce of Hollywood nepo in the man." And @JoNikiaWong argues that some of the celebrities featured have made successful careers in spite of having famous parents: "Majority of the Nepo Babies included in this article have…made a path for themselves outside of their parents…Bad job NYM." Take a look at the #nepobaby hashtag on Tiktok and Instagram to follow the debate.