Check out the first trailer for Undead Unluck

Through its decades of dominance, Shonen Jump– one of the most prominent manga brands on the planet- has shown a remarkable ability to produce a slew of hit intellectual properties. Since the 80s, Shonen Jump has featured at least two massive titles that could lay claim to being the industry's most important book. The concept became even more noticeable in the 2000s when Shonen Jump had three top-tier mangas running simultaneously. With NarutoBleach, and One PieceJump cemented its ability to keep several titanic-sized plates spinning at once. 

In modernity, Shonen Jump is still as masterful at creating multiple hits within the same era. Currently, Jump's roster of anime hits- adapted from the page's of the manga magazine- include Chainsaw ManMy Hero Academia, and the incredibly popular Jujutsu Kaisen. Now the brand looks to add to its suite of cartoon successes with the anime adaptation of the celebrated manga Undead Unluck