ABC memorial of dead Migos rapper Takeoff used photo of his living uncle Quavo

There have been too many tragic deaths in the world of hip-hop over the last decade. Granted, to the outside observer, there are always a staggering number of fatalities among rap artists compared to other genres. However, the last ten years have seen a massive cluster of young and talented stars meet tragic ends. Of all the rap-related deaths that occurred in 2022, few were as shocking as the passing of Migos superstar Takeoff.

Although every death is tragic, Takeoff's level of celebrity within the world of hip-hop caused his passing to reverberate through the entire rap community. Everyone from J.Prince to Cardi B and several rappers and producers in-between were distraught by the sudden death of such a young superstar. In an attempt to mourn the fallen rapper, ABC decided to include Takeoff in their annual "In Memorium" segment. Unfortunately, they put up a picture of another living member of the Migos, Quavo.

As one can imagine, the incident has caused quite a stir online, with several people labeling the incident as racist.