Going out with a whimper: the story of Bang Energy

Remember the good old days of energy drinks? When energy drinks first hit the scene, there were only a handful of options, and Red Bull sat atop the mountain. Through its clever marketing, Red Bull carved out a niche as the modern version of coffee for soda enthusiasts. Nowadays, whenever you walk into a gas station, there are rows and rows of energy drinks with insanely aggressive names. "Are you feeling a little drowsy and need a little pep for your work commute? Why don't you down a Monster or a Kill Cliff?"

Call me old-fashioned, but I don't want my energy drinks to sound like street slang for narcotics.

Of all the energy drinks with needlessly aggressive names, few compare to Bang Energy. In what felt like no time at all, Bang went from being a fringe offering on the energy drink aisle to dominating it with a litany of flavors. However, behind the scenes, the company and its hilariously dressed CEO have been going through a crisis. In the video linked above, you can watch the story of Bang Energy's meteoric rise and catastrophic fall.