What if Alejandro Jodorowsky shot Star Wars?

If you happen to follow any artists on Instagram and Tik Tok, you're undoubtedly aware of the conversation around AI art. A few weeks ago, the LENSA AI app took the entire internet by storm by providing users with a plethora of gorgeous images in various art styles created entirely by artificial intelligence. On the surface, the social media trend was benign enough, but professional artists found it to be a dark harbinger of the future of their careers. As AI images proliferated across social media, several artists began to rally together and protest the use of artificial illustrations in the professional sector. 

Even though AI art has copious downsides, there are a few occasions when it can be brilliant. Take the beautiful AI-generated concept art for a fictional Star Wars film from acclaimed Chilean-French director and comic book legend Alejandro Jodorowsky linked above. And, yes, that's Mick Jagger in the lead role.