You can read Glass Onion's full script online

Throughout his career, Rian Johnson has proved to be a master behind the camera. The director's eye for visuals is one of the finest in modern cinema. Despite its polarizing reputation, few can argue that Johnson's Star Wars film, The Last Jedi, isn't one of the most gorgeously shot movies in the franchise's entire history. The same could be said about his other polarizing effort in Breaking Bad's most divisive episode, Fly. Johnson definitely knows his way around a scene. 

However, similar to his command of stunning visuals, Johnson is also a deft hand on the printed page. In addition to its intoxicating shots, Johnson's detective film Knives Out possesses a beautifully structured narrative loaded with a host of clever twists. When it was announced that Johnson would return to the world of Knives Out for his new film Glass Onion, fans expected a similar level of screenplay mastery. According to Comic Book Resources, Johnson's entire screenplay is now available online. 

The entire screenplay for Rian Johnson's long-awaited Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is now available to read online.

As reported by Deadline, the script, simply titled Glass Onion, is available to read in its entirety in PDF form. Written by Johnson, the script spans 134 pages and captures every twist and turn viewers witnessed in the finished film. The screenplay can be found here.