Walter White might start cooking on MultiVersus

Fighting games are both brilliant and dumb. That's not a knock against the genre, mind you; it's actually a strength. Unlike other games that have to focus on logic and narrative, fighting games are designed to be fun and cool first. If you can exhume any emotional depth or metaphors from the Street Fighter series, that's awesome, but it definitely isn't the main draw of the franchise. Take the fighting game cross-over as the perfect example. 

In the classic entry X-Men vs. Street Fighter, the game provides zero explanation for how these two iconic IPs ended up doing battle in the first place. There's no interdimensional rift or galactic tournament to bolster the game's premise. The developers just said, "hey, let's have these two franchise fight each other. That would be cool, right?" 

Warner Brother's MultiVersus operates on a similar wavelength. Does it make sense for Rick Sanchez from Rick & Morty to fight Lebron James? Not really, no. However, it's still pretty fun and awesome. According to Comic Book Resources, Walter White might find his way into WB's Smash Bros clone. 

Dan Eder, a character artist for the Warner Bros. Games battler, hinted at the popular character's inclusion on Twitter over the New Year's weekend. A Twitter fan account called Walter White For MultiVersus (@MrWhite4MVS) replied to a tweet from the game's developer, Player First Games, which wished everyone a Happy New Year and expressed hope that 2023 would be better than 2022. The fan account responded, saying, "The only way I'll have a good 2023 is if we see Walter White join MultiVersus that year." Eder replied to their tweet, telling them to "Expect good things."