Nobel prize physicist says you should cook pasta by turning off the burner; Michelin chef disagrees

Nobel Prize-winning Italian physicist Giorgio Parisi says the best way to cook pasta is to turn off the burner mid-way in the boiling process, then cover the pot with a lid to allow the hot water to finish the job. "This involves cooking the first course with the lid on the pan and with the fire off," he wrote on Facebook. "After bringing the water to a boil, just throw in the pasta and wait 2 minutes. Then you can turn off the gas, put the lid on and calculate one minute longer than the indicated cooking time."

Michelin-starred chef Antonello Colonna vehemently disagrees, saying Parisi's pasta is rubbery. He proposed another way that also saves energy, but cooks the pasta perfectly: "It works like this: you put a liter of water in the pot for every ounce of pasta, then with a ladle, you remove the water as it heats up on the stove."

[Via Medium]