Melibe viridis is a gelatinous hungry nudibranch

Melibe Viridis, a gelatinous glob related to snails and slugs from the nudibranch family, is the focus of this episode of "Animal of the Week" from Ben G Thomas, aired in February 2021. Despite their appearance, "though they look rather scary, they only grow to about 14 centimeters long (5.5 inches for the Americans out there). So luckily, they can't consume you and absorb your nutrients into their gelatinous bodies."

The video explains where they dwell, what and how they eat (their head is a fishing net), how they have evolved to escape threats, how they reproduce, and what their daily life is like.

In this video from Reso Koa, titled "Predatory Nudibranch – Melibe Viridis," a juvenile frogfish is caught in the net head of this undulating sea creature. The giant 6-8 inch Melibe in this video is "eating everything in its path." Both videos are from Lembeh Strait in Indonesia.

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