Musk replatforms Trump-pardoned felon Michael Flynn on second anniversary of January 6 insurrection

Trump-pardoned Michael Flynn, a Christian Nationalist who historian Ruth Ben-Ghiat calls "one of the most dangerous individuals in America today, is back on Twitter, exactly two years after the deadly January 6 attempted overthrow of the U.S. government.

From Twitter is Going Great:

The Associated Press reports that Flynn's account was suspended for dangerous misinformation two days after the murderous attack on the capitol, as he pressed President Trump to impose martial law following the election.

In recent months, Flynn has been building a far-right movement centered around Christian nationalism.

From AP:

Twitter suspended the account of the retired Army lieutenant general two days after the violent assault on the capitol. Flynn had more than 1 million followers at the time and had used the platform to become a top spreader of false information about the 2020 election. Twitter cited its policy against "coordinated harmful activity" for the suspension.