Sony and Honda put Playstation 5 in cars to compete with Tesla

During its CES 2023 presentation, Sony announced AFEELA, a new brand of electric cars in collaboration with Honda. It seems like your fairly standard futuristic concept car at first glance, albeit with a slightly sillier name, save one function in particular- the ability to play PS5 games in your car.

This announcement comes hot on the heels of Tesla announcing something very similar, but Sony – the megacorporation behind the near-ubiquitous PlayStation – seems to be taking it a step further, making public its intention to "evolve mobility space into entertainment and emotional space, by seamlessly integrating real and virtual worlds, and exploring new entertainment possibilities through digital innovations such as the metaverse." What that actually means is anyone's guess, but I personally can't wait to get T-boned by some jackass playing Uncharted on the highway or mining Bitcoin in the metaverse. Not everything needs to be constantly stimulating- what happened to stopping and smelling the roses?