Hundreds pack a BART train car for a rowdy punk show

Further proof that the kids are alright. Two San Francisco punk bands False Flag and Surprise Privilege performed in a BART train car Friday night. KQED called the show "unbridled chaos":

Having boarded at the 16th St. Mission station at 7pm, the bands rode to Dublin Pleasanton as more than 100 fans squeezed in along the way — and then, on the way back to the city, started playing.

Reached by phone the next day, band members said they were surprised at the turnout for what started as "kind of a half-joke" that "we all egged each other on to do," according to False Flag's bassist, Pretty.

"We weren't expecting that many people to show up," she added. "We didn't even know if we were gonna be able to play because the train was so packed."