CHOIR is a robotic mouth art-display by Server Demirtaş

CHOIR by Server Demirtaş is a fascinating ensemble of moving mouth sculptures. These pieces have a wonderful combination of exposed mechanics and fleshy, artificial faces. I love the way that these sculptures turn back and forth to interact with each other and even lick each others' faces. I also enjoyed listening to the "choir" of their silly little groaning sounds.

Server Demirtaş / CHOIR (2015)

"Demirtaş's innovative sense of art, which constantly seeks variation, has initiated the period of moving sculptures he has created by combining various machine parts in 1997. The mechanical sculptures of the artist, who has not received any engineering education, which require long processes, are important samples of kinetic sculpture in Turkey. 

By virtually being taken into slow motion the certain human emotions are conveyed to the viewers with an impressive reality in Demirtaş's sculptures. The emotions that are not caught and gradually more mechanized in the speed of daily life also display the ongoing relationship between 'the artist and creativity' since the legend of Pygmalion, who wanted to give life to his sculpture.

Text: @bozluartproject

(Image from youtube)