Firefighters rush to rescue a cat – no, a dog! – from a tree

A dog in Idaho thought he was a cat, chasing a squirrel so high up a tree, he got got stuck (see hilarious photo, taken by firefighters, above).

When emergency responders arrived at the scene, they were amused by what they saw. "Well, definitely not a cat in a tree," the Caldewell Fire Department posted on Facebook. After rescuers eventually coaxed the pitbull-husky back down to earth, they posted, "Perhaps, he will not be so persistent, next time, in chasing squirrels."

But let's not jump to conclusions. According to his human, there was no aha! moment gained by the canine cat. "He did not learn his lesson," she commented in the Facebook post. "He's been whining all morning trying to get out and get that squirrel."

Via HuffPost