Taking a trip on a private train of restored vintage rail cars

My wife and I have been looking into taking a trip on a special excursion train, like the Coastal Starlight here on the West Coast, which has real dining cars, sleeper and observation cars, and all the things I remember from rail travel in my youth.

So, imagine my surprise to discover there are even more luxurious and antique trains. I wasn't aware that there are individuals and organizations that buy vintage rail cars, fix them up, and then run them together as a private train that you can book seats on.

In this DownieLive video, he takes a 48 hour trip on the Autumn Colors Express, a private train that travels along the New River Gorge of West Virginia in the Fall. Tickets run between $300 and $600, depending how fancy you want your accommodations to be.

The tour through this collection of restored vintage train cars is truly jaw-dropping. Now I want to take one of these excursion trips more than ever!