Entitled partygoer learns a hard lesson in parking etiquette

Have you ever had a stranger park in your driveway? One Reddit user, known as TheToiletDestroyer (let's call him TD), decided to take matters into his own hands and block a trespassing driveway parker's car from Friday until Tuesday.

TD returned home from work on Friday night to find a car parked in his driveway, which he assumed belonged to someone attending a nearby party. With no parking available on the street, TD parked behind the trespasser's car.

When the owner of the car knocked on TD's door demanding he move his car, TD informed her that he had been drinking and could not drive. The woman called the police, but with TD legally parked in his driveway, there was nothing the police could do. TD told the woman he intended to stay drunk over the three-day weekend and would move his car on Tuesday.

Reddit users have largely expressed support for TD's actions, though some have warned him to be on the alert for potential retaliation.