Master the art of parking with these TikTok videos

I'm not great at parking. I often have to make multiple attempts to parallel park before I'm successful. I also have trouble pulling into a park spot. Either my car isn't centered in the middle of the spot or it's crooked.

That's why I got interested in Chequanxiaoqiao's TikTok account. She has what appear to be straightforward parking tips.

Here's her tutorial for how to reverse into a parking space:


My followers must know how to reverse into a parking space!#car #tips #skills #driving #carsoft

♬ original sound – Chequanxiaoqiao

And here is how she parallel parks:

Her TikTok has a ton of other useful car related videos, too. Like this one about how to adjust the springs in your trunk so the trunk pops open when you unlock it with your clicker:

What should I do if the trunk lid does not pop up after the car has been used for a long time?#car #driving #carsoft #tips

♬ original sound – Chequanxiaoqiao – Chequanxiaoqiao
I was surprised by all the hidden functions of modern cars that Chequanxiaoqiao reveals in these videos. If you drive a car, her account is worth following.