NYPD debuts windshield boot to trap parking offenders

Traditional wheel-locking boots being easy to remove in the age of 40v cordless angle grinders and the like, New York Police Department is switching to windshield-covering boots instead. "Good luck getting this off" comes the challenge from NBC News there.

Also called a "Barnacle Device," the boot is used to immobilize vehicles violating parking regulations. In some cases, people have been able to outmaneuver boots on their wheels. This aims to stop that, police say.

"This allows us to hold those accountable, reduce parking congestion & address cars that are a nuisance & hazard to the community," the NYPD's chief of transportation said in a post on X.

As many commenters point out, one of the most common scofflaws is NYPD itself, choking sidewalks near precincts with their SUVs. I wouldn't expect to see the barnacles on those, though.

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