Man trolls forced-birthers blocking Planned Parenthood

Walter Masterson joined a nearly all-male group of forced-birthers protesting in front of a Planned Parenthood office in New York and pretended to be one of them.

From the YouTube description:

The priest featured in this is Fidelis [Christopher "Fidelis" Moscinski]. He is notorious for invading clinics and terrorizing people trying to receive healthcare. Even though the cops love him, he has still managed to do jail time. He is head of the largest anti-abortion group in NYC.

Standing next to Father Fidelis Moscinski and the other protestors, megaphone in hand, Masterson shouted things like, "We hate women!" and "We want to control woman." When pro-choice counter-protestors started recording him, he said, "I support this man [Fidelis] and his fight to stop people from receiving health care of any kind. He's been a fervent preventer of people receiving health care."

Fidelis looked very annoyed and turned to Masterson, put his hand on him, and said, "This is too loud for me can you go do this somewhere else?"

Masterson said, "I hate women. I'm supposed to be here."

Fidelis said, "You do not belong to our group."

Masterson said, "I believe that America is a Christo-fascist state and I hate women. Can I say now?"

The group resumed marching, and Masterson resumed chanting, "I hate women." Fidelis reappeared and put his face in Masterson's, demanding him to leave. But Masterson isn't cowed by Fidelis' alpha male ploy.

Masterson grinned and said, "I'm here because I cannot trust women to make their own decisions in life."

Masterson continued to bait the protesters he was standing among by saying things like, "if we were real Christians, we would support women and their right to choose. We are not real Christians. We want everyone to know that. If we actually cared about women or children, we would support tons of social programs, but we don't because that's socialism, apparently."

Father Fidelis could only glower.

Thumbnail image: Planned Parenthood building