New study shows how to use wifi signals like sonar to spy on people

I saw this tweet the other day and uhhhh yikes:

So naturally, I clicked through to the article. And uhhhh yikes:

Advances in computer vision and machine learning techniques have led to significant development in 2D and 3D human pose estimation from RGB cameras, LiDAR, and radars. […]

Recent research has explored the use of WiFi antennas (1D sensors) for body segmentation and key-point body detection.


We developed a deep neural network that maps the phase and amplitude of WiFi signals to UV coordinates within 24 human regions. The results of the study reveal that our model can estimate the dense pose of multiple subjects, with comparable performance to image-based approaches, by utilizing WiFi signals as the only input. This paves the way for low-cost, broadly accessible, and privacy-preserving algorithms for human sensing.

"Privacy-preserving," yup mmhm sure.

DensePose From Wifi [Jiaqi Geng, Dong Huang, Fernando De la Torre / Cornell University]