This video shows George Santos in drag, says Brazilian drag queen

Marisa Kabas is the reporter and MSNBC columnist who broke the story about a Brazilian drag queen named Eula Rochard who claims she was friends with Santos when he used to dress in drag circa 2008.

In her newsletter, Kabas shared a video that Rochard says shows Santos being interviewed while dressed in drag (it starts at 4:19).

From the newsletter:

The fact that Santos is in politics now is surprising to [Rochard], because he never showed an interest. And she's particularly shocked by his right-wing politics, because all his friends back home were left-leaning.  

"He was a dreamer," she says, "and the way he figured out how to be famous was by becoming a politician. Republicans deserve someone like him."

To be clear, there's nothing wrong with being a drag queen. Santos vehemently denies ever being a drag queen. Let's see what Santos' congressional colleagues, who express extreme hatred for drag queens, have to say about it. My guess is nothing, as long as Santos stays in the MAGA clown car.