This clock lamp is the perfect statement piece for any room—and it's on sale now

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Every room needs a perfect statement piece to draw attention when people walk in. It can be difficult to find an object that's unique, visually appealing, and affordable though. That's why we're so excited to discover this Clock Lamp from E.P. Light.

This clock lamp has multiple functions. It provides lighting, tells the time, charges phones, and, of course, it can really spice up a room! Best of all, it's now on sale. Typically retailing for $129, it's now available for just $120.99.

It's easy to see the appeal of this versatile piece. Made with oak and gold plating, it's elegant and sleek in a way that's both timeless and modern (which is a harder style to create than you may imagine). The curved light can provide any room with a warm glow while the center acts as an operational clock, representing the time in a beautifully unique way. The base has an extra function too, as it's a charging station that'll work with any Qi-certified smartphone. Pretty and useful at the same time!

This clock lamp centerpiece is small and lightweight as well, so you can easily swap it out of various spaces. We can see this accessory adding that extra 'oomph' to your living room or acting as a handy all-in-one clock, nightlight, and phone charger by your bed.

We also love that this lamp utilizes LED lighting. When you pick LED lighting, you're choosing the more affordable, eco-friendly way to brighten up your home, according to Build with Ferguson. Plus, the bulbs last longer and are safer than other lighting options. Basically, every part of this clock is thoughtfully designed with both user function and beauty in mind.

Upgrade your living space with this unique home decor today and get the E.P. Light Clock Lamp for only $120.99.

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