KFC launches incense that smells like fried chicken

KFC Thailand has launched a line of incense that smells like fried chicken. The incense sticks are also meant to resemble the fast food chain's chicken. For now, the incense can't be purchased but must be won as part of a Lunar New Year contest. I'll stick with Nag Champa. From Oddity Central:

Pak Wansiri, CCO of marketing company Wunderman Thompson Thailand, said that the goal of this unique project was to get the KFC brand into the public's attention for the Chinese New Year by taking advantage of a centuries-old tradition – the lighting of incense sticks to pay homage to the gods.

Creating fried chicken incense sticks turned out to be a lot more challenging than the team originally thought. Not did they have to replicate KFC's 11 herbs and spices recipe, but they had to rely on food flavorings to achieve their goal. To do this, KFC Scent teamed up with Sense Laboratory Co.,Ltd. and Klinkasem Incense.