Be ready for weather emergencies with this unusual umbrella, now 40% off

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It's one of the facts of life: Weather is unpredictable. Hey, it seems like even the weatherman can barely get the forecast right! But while it's frustrating to have a rainstorm when you're anticipating sun, sometimes, the unpredictability of weather goes from being a minor annoyance to being a genuine danger. Especially lately, nature has been surprising people all over with heavier rains, higher temperatures, and stronger storms than expected.

That's why it's important to have the right tools available to stay safe no matter what nature throws at you. One such item is the RainTorch Umbrella with Pivoting Head Flashlight, which can provide much-needed aid during a sudden storm. As the name suggests, it's both an umbrella and a flashlight — best of all, it's on sale now. Typically retailing for $49, it's now available for $29.99. That's 40% off, no coupon needed!

Here's how it works: This umbrella is specially designed to withstand high-speed winds with a FiberCage framing system. The fiberglass and metal setup keeps it from blowing inside out and ensures you stay dry. Serious storms can also seriously limit your visibility, which is why this umbrella comes with a flashlight in the base. Not only does the flashlight (which also pivots) provide a useful lighting source to help you see as you make your way through bad weather, but it also keeps you illuminated for other people, too — something you may need if you're walking down a road and need to be visible to drivers. Easy to use, light, and ultra-portable, this is the perfect umbrella to add to your arsenal.

Purchasers have been vocal about their delight with this unusual umbrella: "Great product and great price. Perfect for the rainy season ahead … the LED light is a perfect touch," mused one reviewer.

Stay safe and buy the RainTorch Umbrella with Pivoting Head Flashlight for only $29.99 now.

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