In an emergency, this practical multi-tool is sure to come in handy

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You've got your emergency kit ready, right? While we certainly don't want to be doomsayers, the realities of climate change are all around us. Forest fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and more are becoming more frequent and more severe. So in the infamous words of the Boy Scouts, we advise you to be prepared with the necessities to help you through a natural disaster, and that includes this very pragmatic Flagship Pro multi-tool.

Of course, you don't have to wait for disaster to strike before taking advantage of all the functions that this tool has to offer. You could say, be roughing it in the great outdoors, needing to cut some kindling in order to get your campfire roaring. You could be in need of an escape route from your car. You could want to spend your coins rather than using them to tighten screws, or you could want to save your teeth for chewing rather than opening up your next beer.

This durable tool includes what you need to get all those jobs done (just to elaborate—a woodcutter, a glass breaker, a screwdriver, and a bottle/can opener), plus a whole lot more. Around the house, you can use it to cut rope, open boxes, peel fruit, strip wires, and do a multitude of other tasks. The full-sized scissors are going to be extremely useful for crafts, clipping coupons (particularly valuable during these inflationary times), snipping burs out of your dog's fur, and pretty much anything that needs cutting.

Given its compact size, this multi-plier will fit snugly in your pocket, in your toolbox, and in that aforementioned preparedness kit. Imagine the space you'll save by having 16 convenient tools all packaged into one practical accessory.

Made of hardened stainless steel and built to last, the Flagship Pro Multi-Tool is now available for only $34.99, a 28% savings on the regular suggested retail price. At that price, it may well be worth it to pick up a couple—one to keep in your emergency supplies and one to have close at hand.

Prices subject to change.