This ridiculously cool light will instantly change the vibe in any room.

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When you realize you need a new lamp to lighten up a room, your first instinct is probably one of function. The answer: just scoot to a big box store, get a standard torchiere style floor lamp like everybody else owns, and you're done.

That's lazy. And boring. And not even inflatable. If you need to light up a space, why not go for both aesthetically striking and situationally versatile in equal measure? This Music Sync Light from E.P. Light is for those who really aren't interested in doing the same old thing the same old way when it comes to brightening your living space.

E.P. Light has made a name for itself crafting dynamic, yet creative ambient lighting solutions for any room — and this unusual piece of home decor certainly fits the bill.

At just over 7 feet long, it doesn't look like much more than an aluminum pole, with a center section allowing users to kink and tweak it to their preferred shape.

But the true magic happens when it's mounted or placed against a wall. Then, the powerful adjustable brightness of a 4,200 lumens LED light with 8 different preset colors reflects light off that surface, bathing your space in your exact color of choice.

Along with 10 distinct light modes to suit your mood, the unit's music sync mode can turn your lamp into a techno-show of its own, pulsing, beating, and strobing in absolute synchronicity with your music. It'll even react to the sound of your own voice — and it's all controllable via a handy remote control or by an app on your phone or tablet.

You can order the Music Sync Light now and save a few bucks too, cutting your total down to a sale price of just $140.99.

Prices subject to change