Stay warm and toasty while unpredictable winter weather rages with this Personal Desk Heater

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Once winter rolls around and we all remember how cold it can really get, being cozy and warm suddenly seems like a thing of luxury. Whether you work from home, are forced to trudge into the office, or have a hybrid thing going on, you owe yourself a personal space heater to keep yourself cozy at all times.

If you haven't ever gotten into a passive-aggressive war with the office or home A/C system, consider yourself blessed. But if you're familiar with this sad dilemma, then you also know that nobody ever emerges victorious from that particular battle.

If you can't beat 'em… get yourself a Personal Desk Heater to keep your general area as comfortable as possible. Plus, you won't have to sit in your desk chair wearing a full-on parka and gloves, while indoors. It's just weird.

This personal space heater will efficiently heat up your area thanks to its height-adjustable, multi-setting fan heater. It's also got a 100° shake head and multi-speed fan to effectively circulate warm air through your space and increase the general temperature of the room. Mmm, so cozy.

A user-friendly control panel features three settings, including cold air, low heat, and high heat. Your ideal environment with its perfect temperature awaits! Thanks to the detachable strut adjustable from 17" to 33", you can place it directly on your desk or put it on the floor.

Though compact, the 1500W heating capacity makes it capable of heating up an entire room. Put it in the living room while you're deep into a binge-watch and never get up to adjust the thermometer again. Luxury! It's also got overheating protection and zero fire hazard.

Before you find yourself taking on the characteristics of an icicle, save nearly $10 off this Personal Desk Heater and only pay $88.99 (Reg. $99).

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