This amazing Ninja camera drone is half off right now

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If you've been starting to dream about what you'd love to buy yourself with a little extra cash in 2023, we hear you. Maybe you know that you're hoping to treat yourself with the money in your tax return. We might have found just the thing to do the trick. Bonus points if your line of work enables you to write this off as a business expense. We think it's the coolest of its kind. 

No idea what we're talking about yet? Here's a hint: it flies and is about to be your new favorite toy. No, it's not a toy spaceship. It's the Ninja Dragon Phantom K Pro + Free Blade X Pro. Getting this item is going to make you feel the way you did on Christmas morning, except better, because you'll have the satisfaction of getting a good deal. For a limited time, your new favorite toy is on sale. 

This isn't just any drone. It's basically two 4K drones for the price of one. Here's how it works. When you buy the Ninja Dragon Phantom K Pro, you also get the Blade X Pro. It's twice the fun– you can even share with your friends—if that's your thing, anyway. 

The Phantom K Pro has a 4-way anti-collision feature, which means you can fly it without constantly worrying about destroying it. It also comes with a One Key Return button, which is the equivalent of playing fetch with a dog and takes some of the pressure of flying a drone. 

It also boasts altitude hold mode for accurate and stable hovering flying, as well as a 1800mAh modular battery to last up to 12 minutes in the air at a time. There are so many other incredible features to check out, like a 6-axis gyroscope, flight path mode, VR 3D experience, and wifi. 

The Ninja Dragon Phantom K Pro + Free Blade X Pro normally costs $369, but for a limited time, you can get it for only $179.99, which is 51% off.

Price subject to change.