Elevate your listening experience with these revolutionary wireless earbuds, now $10 off

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Wireless headphones are no longer a luxury—they're a necessity. With the perfect pair of wireless headphones, you'll be able to take your music, podcasts, and phone calls on the go without any restrictions.

The next generation of wireless headphones boasts revolutionary bone conduction technology to take the listening experience to the next level, and the Kaibo Buds True Wireless Bone Conductions Earbuds are the perfect example of this new tech. Even better, usually $99, you now can grab them for $88.99, or 10% off.

What exactly are bone conduction headphones? Put simply, it's a way which special headphones transmit sound through your head, rather than sending the sound directly into your ear. The great thing about this innovative technology is that almost like a superpower, it gives you the ability to hear external sounds while wearing the headphones. Even more, it allows wearers to use the headphones comfortably for extended periods without experiencing ear fatigue. 

Funded by over 5,000 backers on Kickstarter, these super-smart earbuds take that useful bone conduction technology to combine it with true wireless technology and a closed earbud design. The result is great quality sound, while allowing you to still hear other natural sounds around you, like traffic, conversations, and more. 

Not only do they look great, but this model is also comfortably lightweight—making them ideal for wearing all day whether you need them for work calls or to listen to music when you hit the gym. Plus, unlike many other headphones, they also come with fit accessories so you can really customize them to suit you, your ears, and your lifestyle. 

Elevate your listening today with the Kaibo Buds True Wireless Bone Conductions Earbuds, now on sale for $88.99 (reg. $99). 

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