Xbox, Nintendo, and Sony all pass on E3

There was a time, long before streaming became popular, when E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) was the most anticipated event of the year for gamers. It was like a mecca for gaming enthusiasts and a conference where the biggest names in the gaming industry would showcase their upcoming releases. E3 was the place where games like Halo and Skyrim were revealed and became a breeding ground for entertaining moments and gaffes as game company executives tried their best to connect with their audience.

However, it seems that the era of E3 as the central gaming event has come to an end. According to IGN, the big three in gaming development and console manufacturing, Xbox, Nintendo, and Sony, have all withdrawn from the next E3, making it unlikely that it will ever host the most impactful gaming announcements again.

Nintendo has been hosting its own "Nintendo Direct" showcases for a while now, and Xbox and Sony have followed suit with "State of Play" and "Developer Direct" presentations respectively. As streaming becomes increasingly accessible, it is not surprising that individual companies are seeking to create their own spaces. Nevertheless, I will miss the charm of those large, unified exhibitions.