Celebrate National Puzzle Day and get the 2 Million Dollar Puzzle for only $19.99

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There are certain things that are just so good they deserve their own holiday. Love is celebrated on Valentine's Day, we show our appreciation for costumes and horror on Halloween, and puzzles get their time in the spotlight on National Puzzle Day.

Yes, puzzles have their own honorific day on January 29, and rightfully so. Naturally, the best way to celebrate is by completing one yourself — so why not focus your attention on a puzzle with a cash prize? That's what you could get with the 2 Million Dollar Puzzle from MSCHF. Typically retailing for $30, it's available for just $19.99 in honor of National Puzzle Day, and this deal goes from January 29 through February 5.

Here's how it works. Once you complete this 500-piece jigsaw puzzle, you'll see it forms a giant QR code. Once you scan it, your monetary prize is revealed! The best part is that everyone is a winner — and not just because completing a puzzle is such a win in and of itself. You'll get anywhere from $1 to, yes, $1 million. (Note: There are two puzzles out there that offer $1 million each, hence the name.)

The thrill of winning some money is obviously a huge draw of this game, but it's not just the promise of cash that makes this such a fun activity. Puzzles are entertaining to do and have incredible mental health benefits studies show, according to The Baylor College Of Medicine. They reduce stress, improve concentration, and help people practice mindfulness. Plus, while you can complete one solo, they can be a social activity and a great way to connect with other people. See why they deserve their own holiday?

It's easy to see why this puzzle has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating from customers. One verified buyer reviewed, "I loved how this stood out from your standard puzzles and had quite the incentive! I only got a $1 prize from this, but I definitely want to do another!"

Celebrate National Puzzle Day and have a chance at winning a special monetary prize. Get MSCHF's 2 Million Dollar Puzzle for only $19.99 until February 5, which is cheaper than on Amazon.

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