Ant-Man's fictional autobiography from his new movie is now available for purchase

One of the keys to Marvel's success as a brand is the realism the company infuses into its characters. Since Fantastic Four issue number one, Marvel has made it a point to differentiate itself from its distinguished competition by presenting superheroes with flaws. Spider-Man is broke, despised by the public, and struggles with maintaining relationships; slender is the number of human beings that can't relate to that. Without question, Marvel characters function best when writers blur the lines between fiction and relatable scenarios. 

However, Marvel doesn't just draw the line at making its roster of characters relatable; the company also likes to occasionally break the fourth wall. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby have frequently appeared as themselves in several Marvel comics. The practice of Marvel breaking the fourth wall has even bled into their efforts on the cinematic front. Recently, Marvel created an official Tinder account for She-Hulk to promote her Disney Plus series. Following in Shulkie's footsteps, Scott "Ant-Man" Lang's autobiography from the upcoming Ant-Man and The Wasp Quantumania is available for purchase.


As Ant-Man 3 trailers have revealed that Scott has written a book that comes with the humorous title, "Scott Lang: Look Out for the Little Guy!" Well, as it turns out, Marvel Studios is continuing the trend of bringing the Marvel Cinematic Universe's in-universe entertainment into the real world: Marvel fans will actually be able to buy, and read, Look Out for the Little Guy

As described by Marvel, "The book features over 20 short pieces exploring different aspects of Scott's experiences as Ant-Man, as a dad, as an Avenger, and as an everyman looking back on some incredible life moments. Together, they capture the heart, humor, and humility that have made Scott Lang a beloved character among fans."

Pre-orders for Look Out For The Little Guy are already live over on Amazon, with a hardcover price of $26.99. The book is being marketed with all the straightforward seriousness of an actual memoir, which only makes the satire that much richer. That includes an "About the Author" section crafted for the fictional character of Scott Lang: