Chaos breaks out on a plane when 15 passengers all fight each other (video)

Sometimes, when it comes to airplane travel, not everybody is happy with their seat. Such was the case yesterday when a serious brawl broke out on a domestic Brazilian Gol Airlines flight between 15 passengers. Even a few flight attendants were seen in the mix as they tried to quell the situation. (See video, posted by AeroportoD, below.)

According to Newsweek, the fight was between two families, one with five members and the other with ten, "after a mother asked another passenger if she could change her seat with her child who has a disability." The other passenger wouldn't budge, and suddenly the cabin was in chaos. Fortunately, the free-for-all took place before the plane took off, so although the flight was delayed by two hours, the flight crew was able to escort the rowdy passengers off the plane before flying on their merry way.

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