Dolphins, dogs, and a staged video

If dogs are a human's best friend, these two videos demonstrate that dolphins might be a dog's best friend; and to always do due diligence then scrolling the interweb. 

Trigger warning: this post takes evolution seriously. 

In the first video, from pupss.acc apparently, this dog fell off a boat, and a fantastic dolphin saved him. Now, what happened when the dog first fell overboard? What did the dog's human(s) try to do? Those were my first questions after seeing the video, which just might have been staged. Then, a little bit of sleuthing uncovered this story about the video clip not accurately portraying what had occurred. It turns out that the screen grab clip of the rescue was from a longer movie-short titled "Zeus and Roxanne," about the friendship between these two animals. All staged. Nonetheless, it is still an endearing video of canine–water mammal interaction. Though knowing it was staged changes the affect and effect.

The second video is from The Dodo of a medium-sized dog named Zyzz and a wild dolphin named Jojo (no one explains how the wild dolphin acquired the name) playing, swimming, and generally frolicking in an interspecies water play date. 

A human describes the first meeting, "We kind of were just sitting around [on the boat], floating, and they just came up and usually do just to say, hi. And then Zyzz just went crazy. All he could really see was just the big dark objects in the water, and him with no self-preservation just jumped straight in. It was really cool. They just straight away started kind of playing around him…. We were all just freaking out…it was so cool to see."

For more videos with Zyzz and dolphins, check out Zyzz's Instagram here.