This MacBook Pro is on sale now and will arrive for V-Day if you order by February 3rd

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As exciting as it is to see your loved ones open a present they love, it's not always easy to pick out the perfect gift for them. Chocolates are delicious but overdone, flowers don't last as long as they should, and clothing can be a hit or miss. This Valentine's Day, save yourself the stress of gift-giving with this refurbished MacBook Pro, a gift that's both fun and functional. 

A computer that does it all

Of course, a decent computer can be dauntingly expensive, but with our Valentine's Day sale running from January 30 through February 6, you can get this Apple MacBook Pro at a special price. Typically retailing for $349, it's now available for $254.99. If you order by February 3, your purchase is guaranteed to arrive by February 14 — so no need to stress about being empty-handed for the holiday.

Here's what we love (and what your special person will love) about this MacBook Pro. Its slim, sleek design means it's easy to travel with, so they can bring it anywhere to work or surf the web. The 7-hour-long battery life also makes it particularly portable, so your loved one won't have to worry about recharging. 

With its 13.3" screen and 2560 x 1600 Retina display, you can be sure they'll enjoy viewing premium-quality content. We also love the 720p HD camera, which means every FaceTime call or Zoom meeting will come across crystal-clear. The Intel Core i5 processor ensures this laptop runs smoothly and quickly while the 500 GB HDD ensures there is enough storage for all your favorite human's important files. That's plenty of room for all their important files, music, apps, and other downloads. 

Save money and be eco-friendly with this MacBook

While this MacBook Pro is refurbished, don't worry — it's been carefully restored, so it's still in prime operating condition with all the Apple features everyone's come to know and love. With this refurbished MacBook, you can gift your loved one a great device while also saving some money and making a smart choice for the environment. Affordable, useful, and environmentally friendly? Seems like the perfect gift to us!

Treat your partner, friend, or family with a tech gift they'll get the most out of. Get this refurbished 13.3" Apple MacBook Pro for just $254.99, and order by February 3 so it arrives on time for Valentine's Day.

Prices subject to change.