Nurture your child's inner DJ while enhancing STEM skills

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While becoming a DJ may not have been in the top ten occupations you had envisioned for your kiddo, consider this. The highest-paid DJ is Calvin Harris, whose net worth is an estimated cool $300 million. Not bad for spinning a few vinyls. Do you think he started out with something like this CircuitMess Music Bundle?

We fully realize that the odds of reaching that level of success in the world of disc jockeying are highly unlikely, but that doesn't mean you can't nurture your offspring's love of music production—or your own, for that matter. Not only will your child have a blast learning how to mix music and create custom light shows, but they'll also be honing a whole list of other skills, including coding, soldering, and an understanding of microcomputers and other electronic components.

The CircuitMess Music Bundle offers two components. JayD is a mix table that has almost all of the basic functions of a professional mixer. It offers two simultaneous playback slots, the ability to queue song lists and explore built-in speakers, various equalizers, and sound effects! The best part is that the kids can assemble it themselves (with maybe a little help from the parental units!)

Synthia is a fun and unique music machine that combines the functions of a sampler, drum machine, sequencer, and synthesizer. You can create any beat using Synthia, as there are five tracks you can use to make your perfect sound mix. Plus, with the 121 onboard LEDs, you can create your own wild light show.

Rated 4.4/5 stars on Trustpilot, this bundle gives your child the opportunity to learn all about EDM music, as well as develop their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) skills. Whether you buy it for your kiddo (recommended for ages 11 and up) or for yourself, know that there are hours of enjoyment to be had. It's available now for only $209.99.

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