Oops! George Santos claims he started his company in 2001 — when he was 13 years old (video)

George Santos is one of those liars who just can't stop, even when he's on a live Newsmax broadcast. When questioned about just where he got his $700,000-plus campaign funds, the New York Congressman tried to skirt the question by "attesting" that the money was "all legitimate." But when cornered for specifics, he stepped back into his comfort zone with yet another whopper, neglecting to do his math first: "Devolder Organizations was founded in 2001 when I stepped away from my previous employment and I decided to go on my own to do exactly what I did for other companies for years …"

Um, if Google is correct in saying the imposter was born in 1988, that would make him around 12 or 13 years old when he left another job to strike it rich on his own. Maybe he should have stayed in school to complete his mathematics requirements.

(See video, posted by Acyn [and Marisa Kabas], below.)

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