Watch these handmade gadgets in action

I'm not sure what's going on here, but the video is mesmerizing. It features folks showcasing ingenious gadget after ingenious gadget—a ramp you step on to open a gate, a ladder you can move from side to side by pushing a lever with your foot, a metal brace that attaches to your shin that doubles as a stool. They all seem to have been made using metal, perhaps this is a welding school or something of the sort? And they all seem so simple in their execution, and yet also so brilliant. The comments on the TikTok have some very helpful ideas on what's going on here: "gizmo-doohickey showcase," "the thingamajig corporation, "the thingamabob show," "doohicky convention," "thingamajiggers, thingamabobs doodads, gizmos and gadgets." Whatever is happening, everyone in the background is so supportive–each gadget gets a hearty thumbs-up!